Looking for a better aircraft technician or maintenance job? From structures and avionics to painting and shipping, LAUNCH has great positions working with the industry’s leading airlines, MROs, OEMs and service centers throughout the country. Search our job list below.

29 Available Jobs
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic Marana, Arizona2017-7288
Avionics Installer Avionics Installer Savannah, Georgia2017-7315
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic Indianapolis, Indiana2017-7292
Interior Mechanic Interior Mechanic Jacksonville, Florida2017-7295
Interior Mechanic Interior Mechanic Jacksonville, Florida2017-7296
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic Lake City, Florida2017-7294
Shipping Clerk General Labor Woodridge, Illinois2017-7275
Composite Mechanic Composite Technician Kansas City, Missouri2017-7285
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2017-7281
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic Greenville, South Carolina2017-7277
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Miami, Florida2017-7276
Cabinet Builder Cabinet Maker Indianapolis, Indiana2017-5712
Interior Mechanic Interior Mechanic Duluth, Minnesota2017-5883
Maintenance Mechanic Component Technician GSE Mechanic OEM Positions Pinellas Park, Florida2017-5684
Assembler OEM Positions Assembly Oldsmar, Florida2017-5487
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic Moses Lake, Washington2017-5983
CNC Machine Operator Machinist Machine Operator Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5938
Deburring Technician Shipping/Receiving Clerk Assembly Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5937
CNC Machinist Machinist Everett, Washington2017-5916
Cabinet Finisher Aircraft Painter Cabinet Maker Burlington, Washington2017-5903
Cabinet Finisher Cabinet Maker Interior Mechanic Appleton, Wisconsin2017-5822
Assembler OEM Positions Assembly Pinellas Park, Florida2017-5710
Interior Lead Mechanic Interior Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-4601
Flight Mechanic - A&P Licensed A&P Mechanic2016-4422
Composite Lead Mechanic Composite Technician Structures Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3893
A&P Mechanic A&P Mechanic New Castle, Delaware2016-3866
A&P Lead Mechanic A&P Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3870
Structures Lead Mechanic Structures Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3664
A&P Lead Mechanic A&P Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3663