LAUNCH offers a wide variety of aviation jobs to technicians working with the leading MROs, parts suppliers and manufacturers in the aviation industry. We employ technicians with diverse skills and experience levels – such as A&P mechanics, avionics technicians, sheet metal/structural mechanics and painters. Search our complete list of current aviation jobs (link to job search page) to find the right one for you.

A team of aviation staffing experts started LAUNCH. We understand the challenges of working contract aviation jobs away from home and we focus on linking you with the top aviation jobs in the best locations to make it worthwhile. Along with great pay and exciting opportunities, LAUNCH provides our aviation technicians with unmatched benefits, incentives and rewards.

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192 Available Jobs
Aircraft Inspector Ardmore, Oklahoma2017-6076
Interior Mechanic Ardmore, Oklahoma2017-6075
Avionics Technician Ardmore, Oklahoma2017-6073
A&P Mechanic Ardmore, Oklahoma2017-6071
A&P Mechanic Blytheville, Arkansas2017-6069
A&P Mechanic Orlando, Florida2017-6089
Aircraft Painter Atlanta, Georgia2017-6070
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Goodyear, Arizona2017-6064
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Goodyear, Arizona2017-6062
Aircraft Inspector Aircraft Inspector Goodyear, Arizona2017-6061
A&P Mechanic Goodyear, Arizona2017-6060
Director of Quality Executive Management Tulsa, Oklahoma2017-6056
Interior Mechanic Interior Mechanic Indianapolis, Indiana2017-6052
Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Indianapolis, Indiana2017-6051
Composite Repair Technician Composite Technician Indianapolis, Indiana2017-6050
Stores Clerk Materials Handler Goodyear, Arizona2017-6049
A&P Mechanic - Components Atlanta, Georgia2017-6048
Sourcing Coordinator Atlanta, Georgia2017-6045
Aircraft Interior Engineer Atlanta, Georgia2017-6044
Pricing Analyst Atlanta, Georgia2017-6042
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Jacksonville, Florida2017-6032
Component Technician Component Technician Louisville, Kentucky2017-6018
Project Manager- Regulatory and Compliance Program/Project Management Atlanta, Georgia2017-6009
Design Engineer Engineering Sedro Woolley, Washington2017-6005
Design Engineer Engineering Sedro Woolley, Washington2017-6004
Aerospace Engineer II Engineering Atlanta, Georgia2017-5996
Supply Chain Procurement OEM Positions Wichita, Kansas2017-5969
Engineering Project Manager Program/Project Management Atlanta, Georgia2017-5967
Aerospace Engineer IV Engineering Atlanta, Georgia2017-5951
Project Engineer Engineering Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5943
NC Programmer Engineering Wichita, Kansas2017-5914
NC Programmer Engineering McAlester, Oklahoma2017-5913
Sales Manager Sales and Business Development San Antonio, Texas2017-5895
Flight Control Mechanic 2017-5831
Landing Gear Mechanic 2017-5829
Sewer Upholster Savoy, Illinois2017-6047
Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Expert Engineering Toyoyama-Cho Nishikasugai-Gun, Aiti [Aichi]2017-6046
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Everett, Washington2017-6039
Fabricator and Mechanical Assembler Assembly Everett, Washington2017-6036
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Indianapolis, Indiana2017-6027
A&P Mechanic Indianapolis, Indiana2017-6026
Financial Analyst Human Resources Burlington, Washington2017-6015
Warehouse Supervisor Core Professional Burr Ridge, Illinois2017-6011
Quality Engineer Engineering Redmond, Washington2017-6016
A&P Mechanic Oakland, California2017-6014
Fuel Cell Repair Technician Structures Mechanic Tampa, Florida2017-6012
Avionic Program Manager Toyoyama-Cho Nishikasugai-Gun, Aiti [Aichi]2017-6008
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Birmingham, Alabama2017-6007
A&P Mechanic Richmond, Virginia2017-5654
Payroll Clerk Human Resources Atlanta, Georgia2017-6006
Design Engineers Engineering Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-6003
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Savoy, Illinois2017-6001
A&P Mechanic Savoy, Illinois2017-6000
Director of Manufacturing Operations Sumner, Washington2017-5993
Avionics Technician - General Avionics Installer Oak Brook2017-5992
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2017-5987
Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Rockford, Illinois2017-5986
A&P Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2017-5985
A&P Mechanic Moses Lake, Washington2017-5983
JR/A&P Mechanic Jr. Mechanic + Technician San Bernardino, California2017-5981
A&P Mechanic Oklahoma City, Oklahoma2017-5978
Interior Mechanic Interior Mechanic Moline, Illinois2017-5977
Avionic Technician Avionics Technician Moline, Illinois2017-5976
Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Everett, Washington2017-5973
Aviation Safety and Quality Assurance Advisor Houma, Louisiana2017-5970
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Goodyear, Arizona2017-5965
GSE Planning Analyst Program/Project Management Atlanta, Georgia2017-5955
Warehouse Maintenance Worker Lexington, Kentucky2017-5950
Milling Machine Operator Machinist Lexington, Kentucky2017-5947
Wire Harness Assembler Avionics Installer Marion, Massachusetts2017-5945
Sewing Machine Operator General Labor Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5939
CNC Machine Operator Machinist Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5938
Deburring Technician Shipping/Receiving Clerk Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5937
Quality Assurance Clerk Shipping/Receiving Clerk Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5934
Manufacturing Engineer III Engineering Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5927
Quality Engineer Engineering Wichita, Kansas2017-5936
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Hayden, Idaho2017-5930
Certification Engineers I & II Engineering Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5929
Manufacturing Engineer I Engineering Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5931
Program Manager Program/Project Management Rancho Cucamonga, California2017-5926
Electrician Avionics Technician St. Paul, Minnesota2017-5923
Stationary Equipment Mechanic GSE Mechanic St. Paul, Minnesota2017-5922
Lead Mechanic GSE Mechanic San Francisco, California2017-5921
GSE Mechanic GSE Mechanic San Francisco, California2017-5920
Diesel Mechanic GSE Mechanic Los Angeles, California2017-5919
GSE Mechanic GSE Mechanic Miami, Florida2017-5918
CNC Machinist Machinist Everett, Washington2017-5916
A&P Mechanic San Bernardino, California2017-5906
Project Administrator On - Site Coordinator Goodyear, Arizona2017-5904
A&P Mechanic Frederick, Maryland2017-5898
Cabinet Finisher Cabinet Maker Burlington, Washington2017-5903
A&P Mechanic Duluth, Minnesota2017-5897
Director, Service Engineering (Japan) Engineering Toyoyama-Cho Nishikasugai-Gun, Aiti [Aichi]2017-5894
Lead Mechanic San Bernardino, California2017-5893
Aircraft Inspector Aircraft Inspector Rockford, Illinois2017-5884
Interior Mechanic Interior Mechanic Duluth, Minnesota2017-5883
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Duluth, Minnesota2017-5882
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Rome, New York2017-5880
Avionics Installer Avionics Installer Indianapolis, Indiana2017-5874
Administrative Coordinator Compliance Moses Lake, Washington2017-5873
Manufacturing Engineering Planner Engineering Wichita, Kansas2017-5867
Avionics Tech Avionics Technician Rockford, Illinois2017-5694
A&P Mechanic Cleveland, Ohio2017-5576
Interior Component Technician Component Technician Plainfield, Indiana2016-4234
Aircraft Inspector Aircraft Inspector Goodyear, Arizona2017-5856
Lead Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2017-5851
Maintenance Planner Core Professional San Bernardino, California2017-5841
Material Coordinator- Interior Designer Engineering Fort Worth, Texas2017-5836
Cabinet Finisher Cabinet Maker Appleton, Wisconsin2017-5822
Aircraft Painter Aircraft Painter Appleton, Wisconsin2017-5821
Staff Designer Engineering Fort Worth, Texas2017-5824
Maintenance Technician Machinist Miami Gardens, Florida2017-5799
Inventory Clerks (Stores-Parts) Shipping/Receiving Clerk Everett, Washington2017-5797
Aerospace Engineer Engineering Atlanta, Georgia2017-5777
Project Administrator On - Site Coordinator Miami, Florida2017-5773
Planning data Analyst Program/Project Management Santa Maria, California2017-5765
Information Systems & Technology Manager Information Technology Santa Maria, California2017-5761
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic2017-5750
Technician Component Technician Jacksonville, Florida2017-5743
Part Time A&P Mechanic Des Plaines, Illinois2017-5733
Jr. A&P Mechanic Des Plaines, Illinois2017-5732
A&P Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2017-5722
Upholstery Technician Upholster Indianapolis, Indiana2017-5711
Assembler Assembly Pinellas Park, Florida2017-5710
Project Administrator On - Site Coordinator Oklahoma City, Oklahoma2017-5718
Tool Equivalency Analyst Other Professional Openings Atlanta, Georgia2017-5717
Customer Support Director of Technical Publications Engineering Toyoyama-Cho Nishikasugai-Gun, Aiti [Aichi]2017-5697
Warehouse Operator Forklift Mundelein, Illinois2017-5693
Warehouse Operator Forklift Mundelein, Illinois2017-5692
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Goodyear, Arizona2017-5688
A&P Mechanic Goodyear, Arizona2017-5685
A&P Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2017-5666
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2017-5503
Certification Engineer Engineering Seattle, Washington2017-5638
NDT Technician (Level II) NDT San Bernardino, California2017-5617
Dynamic FEA Engineer Engineering Gainesville, Texas2017-5603
NDT Technician II NDT2017-5585
A&P Mechanic Moline, Illinois2017-5581
Aircraft Painter Aircraft Painter Moline, Illinois2017-5578
A&P Mechanics 2017-5537
Fuel Cell Mechanic Structures Mechanic Wilmington, Ohio2017-5544
A&P Mechanic Auburn, Washington2017-5517
Jr. Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Baton Rouge, Louisiana2017-5533
Aircraft Inspector Aircraft Inspector Miami, Florida2017-5540
Maintenance Trainer Core Professional Miami, Florida2017-5514
Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Lake City, Florida2017-5512
Dangerous Goods Shipper Shipping/Receiving Clerk Van Nuys, California2016-5436
Aviation Recruiter Recruiter Oak Brook, Illinois2016-5434
Director, International Line Maintenance Executive Management Chicago, Illinois2016-5407
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Jacksonville, Florida2016-5262
Jr. Avionics Technician Atlanta, Georgia2016-4404
Quality Controller Aircraft Painter Mobile, Alabama2016-5325
A&P Mechanic Atlanta, Georgia2016-5306
Assembler Structures Mechanic Archbald, Pennsylvania2016-5287
A&P Mechanic Atlanta, Georgia2016-5220
Inspector Aircraft Inspector Rome, New York2016-5163
Jr. Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Atlanta, Georgia2016-5203
Assembler Assembly Owego, New York2016-5202
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Fort Lauderdale, Florida2016-5194
Assembler Component Technician Marion, Massachusetts2016-4969
Interior Component Repair Technician Component Technician Fort Worth, Texas2016-4883
Chrome Plater Machinist Santa Ana, California2016-4834
Recruiting Coordinator Everett, Washington2016-4794
Sales Manager Sales and Business Development Peachtree, Georgia2016-4662
Aircraft Inspector Aircraft Inspector Miami, Florida2016-4651
Interior Lead Mechanic Interior Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-4601
Composite Repair Mechanic Component Technician Atlanta, Georgia2016-4581
Interior Component Repair Mechanic Component Technician Atlanta, Georgia2016-4580
Project Coordinator Everett, Washington2016-4449
Flight Mechanic - A&P Licensed 2016-4422
A&P Mechanic Hayden, Idaho2016-4155
Composite Lead Mechanic Composite Technician Kansas City, Missouri2016-3893
A&P Mechanic New Castle, Delaware2016-3866
Avionics Lead Technician Avionics Technician Kansas City, Missouri2016-3873
A&P Lead Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3870
Avionics Technician Avionics Installer Winston-Salem, North Carolina2015-3062
Aircraft Painter Aircraft Painter Savoy, Illinois2016-3690
Project Manager Program/Project Management Miami, Florida2016-3668
Structures Lead Mechanic Structures Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3664
A&P Lead Mechanic Kansas City, Missouri2016-3663
A&P Mechanic Rome, New York2016-3568
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Wilmington, Ohio2016-3558
A&P Mechanic Wilmington, Ohio2016-3557
Upholstery Technician Upholster Savoy, Illinois2015-3411
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Savoy, Illinois2015-3410
A&P Mechanic Savoy, Illinois2015-3407
A&P Mechanic Greenville, South Carolina2015-2888
Engineering Manager Program/Project Management Georgetown, Delaware2015-2873
A&P Mechanic Greenville, South Carolina2015-2691
Composite Technician Composite Technician Kinston, North Carolina2015-2616
Composite Repair Technician Composite Technician Columbus, Ohio2015-2151
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Medford, Oregon2014-1639