LAUNCH is the world’s leading aviation workforce solution. We provide technicians, engineers, machinists and other skilled workers access to lucrative jobs by carefully matching the best candidates with the industry’s leading airlines, MROs, OEMs and service centers. LAUNCH has become the go-to resource for dependable, innovative and flexible workforce solutions.

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What makes LAUNCH an industry leader?

Before our leadership team created LAUNCH, they met with the key members of leading aviation companies who had used typical staffing services to augment their technical workforces. They learned what worked and—more importantly—what fell short. There was a desperate need for innovation and flexibility, along with more-dependable client service. The creation of LAUNCH and introduced a new approach to workforce partnerships, developing systems that would improve and revolutionize the industry for years to come.

How has LAUNCH evolved?

Acquiring PlaneTechs and TransTechs in March 2018 further expanded LAUNCH’s capabilities and talent pool, which was already one of the largest and deepest rosters of aviation technicians, mechanics, engineers and professionals in the industry. In doing so, we significantly increased our reach and enhanced our ability to deliver innovative workforce solutions to meet our customers’ needs. As we move forward, we will do so with a commitment to innovation, broadening our service offerings and maintaining our world-class reputation.

What are LAUNCH’s priorities?

Our goal is to continue strengthening our workforce partnerships while helping clients solve their immediate and long-term needs more effectively and efficiently.

We also strive to provide the most responsive service in the industry. Meet the dedicated, hardworking people responsible for serving our clients’ needs everyday: