What happens when:

  • Your plane is unexpectedly grounded and requires crucial repair/maintenance before it can fly again?
  • You can’t get enough bodies to finish a job?
  • Unforeseen problems arise preventing you from completing a “routine” project?

Call the LAUNCH AOG Team.

Acting like a S.W.A.T. team, we deploy highly-qualified technicians anywhere around the globe to get your aircraft in airworthy condition. Our AOG Team includes a “bench” of full-time, on-call expert mechanics and supervisors ready for service at a moment’s notice. Our sophisticated back office has the expertise to handle all visas, work permits, compliance, travel/lodging arrangements, etc. to ensure rapid response.

Below are examples of when the AOG Team has been called in to help clients get their aircraft back up and flying again quickly:

  • Tail strike repair (Milan)
  • Landing gear and skin repair (Argentina)
  • Structural/skin repair (Australia)
  • Flight controls (Arizona)

To learn more about the LAUNCH AOG Team, contact us today.