The LAUNCH Structures Team provides clients around the country fixed-cost solutions for a wide variety of heavy structure repairs. We dispatch a team that’s been hand-selected based on the parameters of your specific project enabling us to complete the task effectively and efficiently. In an AOG situation, we have a team already set for deployment.

The LAUNCH Structures Team is deployed on wide variety of projects including:

  • Winglets
  • Skin repair
  • NGS
  • Wi-fi
  • And more

Not only do we provide the best-qualified team for your project, LAUNCH also delivers industry-leading turn times.

Tim Jones, President LAUNCH Structures, leads this business unit. He previously served as President of Aviation Managed Solutions, Inc., the pioneer and leader in heavy structures repair prior to its 2017 acquisition by LAUNCH.

To learn how LAUNCH Structure Team can assist you, contact us today.