Partnering with LAUNCH allows you to maintain a flexible workforce scaled to meet your changing needs. We know recruiting and hiring your technical workforce is time-consuming and requires extensive HR resources. With one phone call to LAUNCH you can quickly augment your technical workforce. We take care of recruiting, hiring, compliance, payroll, employment taxes and benefits. You focus on your core competencies while LAUNCH takes care of your contract staffing needs.

LAUNCH is the clear choice for your contract staffing needs. Experience tells us there are four fundamental elements required to be a highly valued workforce partner.




Our commitment to safety is our highest company value, and we know that leadership and employee involvement is the foundation to a successful safety program. From our senior leadership to our supervisors, we demonstrate a visible, consistent commitment to safety. Our leaders hold themselves accountable for demonstrating safe behaviors. Our companywide strategy, “Zero Incidents, Injury-Free,’ defines the elements of the company’s approach to managing safety:

  • Demonstrate caring leadership
  • Employee-driven
  • Recognize and manage risk
  • Online training available to all employees
  • Robust communications

In addition, we work closely with you to ensure that all of our contractors are fully compliant with all of your safety requirements.

As veterans in the aviation contract labor field, we know that having a robust FAA and DOT compliance program is a top priority. Compliance is complicated and constantly changing. This is why LAUNCH has developed a robust compliance methodology, LAUNCH COMPLIANCE. We have a dedicated, certified, compliance department that oversees our entire compliance program. And finally, every single recruiting specialist, client liaison, compliance associate and manager is certified in our LAUNCH COMPLIANCE methodology. All of this ensures 100% contractor compliance.


When your company needs specialized contract employees to help scale your workforce, you need a responsive and trusted partner to deliver. Every LAUNCH client – small or large – is given equal attention by our team.

LAUNCH dedicates a client liaison to your team to ensure that we stay apprised of your needs and to constantly monitor our service quality. When you need to contact LAUNCH for support, you only need to call your dedicated point of contact. He/she will take it from there and ensure we are responsive.

As part of our promise to honor our relationship with you, LAUNCH knows your input and feedback is priceless. We will consistently solicit your feedback, and we promise to listen and respond to your valuable comments. As our client, we value the relationship we have with you and we will work tirelessly to earn AND keep your loyalty.


The LAUNCH team is comprised of seasoned aviation and engineering staffing experts. Our years of experience mean that we know the business inside and out and appreciate what it takes to help you be successful. LAUNCH’s highly focused staffing model provides you with specialists who understand your business and the unique challenges of finding and hiring individuals with technical specialties.

The LAUNCH aviation and engineering resource pool is one of the largest and most dynamic in the industry. As a result we are able to tap into thousands of candidates to deliver the right skills at the right time for your project. We constantly seek new resources through various outlets/means. This includes offshore, social networking, third-party job boards, job fairs, trade schools, and more.


The key to recruiting the top candidates in today’s competitive market is technology. We recruit smarter – our team of recruiters and compliance specialists are the top in their field. But, that’s not enough…we’ve gone a step further by equipping our team with state of the art tools and technology to make them even more efficient.

We utilize a specialized, state-of-the-art candidate sourcing system we call LAUNCH JOBS. It provides us instant access to the skilled resources you need. LAUNCH JOBS’ skills assessment is laser precise to quickly locate the contractors with the right skills and qualifications for your job. This means with a short turnaround LAUNCH delivers the contractor that fits your job perfectly.

Our proprietary LAUNCH ON-BOARDING process allows us to quickly transition candidates to new hires. This unique system creates enhanced productivity, increased retention rates and improved employee engagement. We make hiring contractors easy – benefitting both you and our employees. That means getting the exact people you need on site faster and with less hassle.