Managing contract staff is time consuming and costly. You need to hire contractors but don’t want the internal expense of administering their payroll and human resource needs. Further, you don’t want to add to your headcount and co-employment issues are of a concern as well. LAUNCH offers payroll services for your convenience and can assist with each of these business concerns.

It’s easy…just refer the contractor to LAUNCH and we will handle everything. The professional becomes a LAUNCH employee and we take care of the entire payroll process including payroll taxes such as FICA, unemployment and worker’s compensation.

Want to staff assignments with your retirees? Let LAUNCH help – as an employee of LAUNCH, the retiree and you can maintain an appropriate relationship to allow continued retirement benefits and to prevent co-employment issues. If you have just one contractor or 101 contractors, we can help reduce the burden of contractor payroll administration.

With LAUNCH Payroll Services you and your staff can spend more time managing your key business concerns.