Maintenance Technicians


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Maintenance Mechanic

Shift:  3rd

Pay: $28.00 – $30.00 P/H DOE


Core Responsibilities:

Job Description

This is a full-time experienced Maintenance Mechanic position that is responsible for troubleshooting, repairing, and installing pneumatic and hydraulic systems, control valves, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Maintenance Mechanics are also responsible for troubleshooting and repairing AC/DC electrical systems, reading schematics, and using electrical testing equipment (Volt-Ohm meter, amp meter, oscilloscope). Our experienced Maintenance Mechanics have extensive understanding of Programmable Logic Controls and contribute a unique skillset through the use of preventative maintenance systems and work order tracking. Maintenance Mechanics have the skill and flexibility to work on any equipment within the facility and to operate lathes, mills, arc and Heliarc® welders for repair, and fabrication.

If you do not have extensive experience, you may be better suited for one of our entry-level position. If so, we encourage you to search for the position that best fits your current skillset. Prior to to the in-person interview, you will be asking to complete a hands-on electrical skills test.

This job can open the door to career opportunities with our client. 
Work will vary from day to day depending on need and your hours will vary by assigned location. It also gets loud at our manufacturing facilities are large. While we want everyone to feel comfortable, our ability to control the temperature in our warehouses is limited. Indoor warehouse working conditions are impacted by seasons and the weather.

Before going any further, you should know that our Maintenance team is known for two critical areas of expertise:
• Deep understanding of high-voltage wiring (480V 3-phase motors)
• Multi-craft maintenance and repair (e.g. performing interrelated repairs on electrical systems and mechanical systems)
Are you comfortable, competent, and capable with high-voltage wiring and multi-craft repair?

• You will use your extensive knowledge to assist entry-level mechanics with difficult repairs
• You are willing to work under pressure to fix equipment
• You will work urgently to get the equipment back up and running
• You will be troubleshooting issues on a wide variety of equipment
• You will conduct repair failures of production and facilities equipment
• You will ensure maximum equipment efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability
• Responding to maintenance calls is part of your job, and this can sometimes mean helping complete a repair that has already been started
• You will inspect machines, develop repair lists and identify short-term and long-term repairs so that machines run correctly
• You will work from task lists when diagnosing machines and taking corrective actions
Professional insight and knowledge of the operation of our equipment will enable you to understand problems and take action to resolve issues. Do you have an electrical certification, maintenance manufacturing experience, technical school training, or welding experience?

If so, you are likely well-equipped to join the team. We have a robust training program that can benefit you provided that you have a proven base knowledge of mechanical maintenance repair (especially with regard to electrical repair multi-craft repairs). Although it’s not required, many managers prefer that candidates have at least two years training experience in mechanical/electrical repair in a manufacturing environment.


Please be sure that you meet the following minimum requirements for this position:


• You are at least 18 years of age or older
• You will be required to work on weekends and holidays
• Ability to lift 15 to 50 pounds with or without a reasonable accommodation
• You are able to stand and walk for extended periods of time with or without a reasonable accommodation
• You are able to climb, bend, reach, stoop, kneel, and stretch for extended periods with or without a reasonable accommodation
• You are willing and able to work in an environment that has extreme temperatures, humidity, hazardous/loud equipment, and slippery surfaces
Mechanics who are considering applying often ask us what characteristics our leadership looks for in this important position. This should give you an idea of what managers are seeking:
• Customer Service: given our emphasis on mechanical aptitude, you might be surprised to see customer service listed here, but remember we interact with all levels of team members on the floor. It is important that you, and we as a team, treat all team members with the same level of service as we would our consumers.
• Flexibility: you’ll be switching gears, shifting priorities, and balancing task lists with calls for maintenance repairs. Flexibility – and keeping your cool – will allow you to both focus and prioritize your work.
• Self-Starter: you will often find yourself working unsupervised, so taking ownership of your quality and speed of work is essential when conducting preventative maintenance or addressing equipment failure.
• Safety Focused: your attention to company policies and procedures regarding safety will minimize risks to yourself, your team, and the quality of our products. Safety is everyone’s job at Frito-Lay.
We hope you can imagine yourself on the team. Does this sound like you?

There will be tough days. When we experience downtime, we are working under pressure to fix equipment. We take it in stride because we believe, and our Maintenance Mechanics agree, that the rewards are worth it.

Maintenance Technician

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