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Work Aviation Jobs in the United States – Apply for TN VISA / Sponsorship (Alabama)

Trabajos de aviación en EE. UU. – Aplíca para una Visa TN/ Patrocínio (Alabama)


Ready to put your skills to work in the US at the top aircraft maintenance sites? We offer jobs to professional aircraft mechanics through LAUNCH Global Access and our TN visa program. LAUNCH will sponsor your visa and get you working onsite with our clients – the largest aircraft maintenance facilities in the US!

¿Listo para usar tus habilidades trabajando en sitios de mantenimiento de aeronaves (MRO) en EEUU?  Nosotros ofrecemos trabajos a técnicos en mantenimiento aeronáutico por medio del programa LAUNCH Global Access y nuestro programa de Visa TN. LAUNCH patrocinará tu visa y ofrecerá empleo con nuestros clientes – entre los locales mas grandes de mantenimiento de aeronaves.


What’s LAUNCH Global Access? The LAUNCH Global Access Program will sponsor employees residing in Mexico with an employment visa that will allow you to work in the United States. This is a great opportunity for our experienced talent residing in Mexico looking to earn higher pay, gain more experience and work towards certification in the US.

¿Que es LAUNCH Global Access? El programa de LAUNCH Global Access patrocinará una visa para trabajar en EE. UU. Ésta es una gran oportunidad para talento que rádica en Mexico en busca de una oportunidad de ganar mas dinero, obtenér mas experiencia y trabajar para obtener licenciatura en los EE. UU.


Why a TN VISA?

  • LAUNCH will provide full work sponsorship
  • We will assist your transition to the US
  • You secure employment in the US for up to 25 years
  • Ability to commute back-and-fourth from US to Mexico
  • Make industry leading wages ($80,000 to $100,000+/year)

¿Que es una Visa TN?

  • LAUNCH proveerá patrocinación para trabajar en EE. UU.
  • Asistiremos en tu transición para radicár en los EE. UU.
  • Asegurarás empleo en los EE. UU. por hasta 25 años
  • Habilidad de viajar entre EE. UU. y Mexico
  • Puedes ganar sueldo competitivo en la industria ($80,000 á $100,000USD ó mas anualmente)



  • Access to top jobs at US aircraft maintenance facilities
  • Works visa sponsored by LAUNCH
  • Jobs available at multiple locations across the US
  • LAUNCH will manage the entire process and keep you working

¿Porqué LAUNCH?

  • Acceso a trabajos en los mejores locales de mantenimiento de aeronaves (MRO) en EE. UU.
  • Visa de trabajo patrocinada por LAUNCH
  • Trabajos disponibles en varios sitios alrededor de EE. UU.
  • LAUNCH manejará el proceso completo de obtener la visa al igual que mantenérte trabajando.


How do employees qualify for a TN Visa?

  1. Have a valid Mexican passport for at least one year.
  2. Read, write, and speak English
  3. Provide proof of 2 years technical education
  4. Be flexible to travel between multiple worksites in the US
  5. No criminal background, previous deportation, or removed orders.

¿Como calificár para una Visa TN?

  1. Tenér un pasaporte Mexicano válido por mínimo de 1 año
  2. Leér, escribir y hablar inglés
  3. Proveér comprobantes de 2 años de educación técnica
  4. Tener la habilidad de viajar entre varios sitios de trabajo localizados en EE. UU.
  5. No tener antecedents penales, deportaciónes previas ú ordenes de salír de EE. UU.


Interested in learning more, applying, or do you have a referral that might be interested in employment with LAUNCH under our TN VISA Sponsorship Program? Contact our Manager, Victor Yepez!

¿Interesado en mas detálles? ¡Para llenar una solicitud ó si tienes algun compañero interesado en una oportunidad de empléo con LAUNCH bajo nuestro programa de patrocínio por medio de Visa TN, communicate con nuestro gerente, Victor Yepez!

Victor Yepez – Recruiting Manager 

Office #: 630.884.5639

WhatsApp #: 708.790.1179

Structures Mechanic

Aircraft Maintenance (MRO)

LAUNCH hires a variety of mechanics and technicians to work with our clients in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft and their components. This includes the repair, service and inspection of aircraft to ensure their safety and airworthiness. From A, B, C and D checks to line and routine maintenance, LAUNCH has jobs for you.

Our clients are located across the country and are in maintenance hangars, airports, aircraft manufacturing sites and component facilities. Whether you’re a licensed A&P Mechanic, a seasoned Avionics Technician, a skilled Structures Technician or an Inspector, LAUNCH has a wide range of aviation jobs available. In addition, we offer positions for entry-level aircraft mechanics just out of trade school who are ready to start their careers.

LAUNCH offers our contract mechanics the ability to work on a variety of aircraft in settings and locations based on their preferences. We’ll help get you to work at a top job and help you find your next position when your contract ends. You’ll advance your skills along the way and add valuable experience to your resume. Apply today to get started!

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