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CNC Lathe Machinist

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LAUNCH Industrial Jobs - CNC Operator/Set Up
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2nd Shift CNC Lathe Machinist



A client of ours up in Lake Zurich is looking for a 2nd Shift CNC Machinist. They will be working from 4:00PM to 2:30AM, Monday through Friday and making anywhere from $20 to $28p/hour. The ideal candidate would have 3 to 4 years of experience working with CNC Lathes. A few must haves are:


  • Experience on CNC lathes a must (Daewoo, Okuma, etc.)
  • Basic operation of CNC equipment (load material, cycle start, unload material)
  • Perform setup operations on dual spindle, live tooling machines
  • Stack/unload product per instructions and any other material handling as stated
  • Must have competency to change inserts within 6 months
  • Must have competency to make offsets within 3 months
  • Effectively communicate with co-workers and management
  • Production quantity entered accurately in ERP system
  • Accurately input job data per MBP MMS requirements
  • Accurately measure part per inspection requirements, utilizing various gaging and metrology equipment
  • Participate in any team activity as needed
  • Be seen as a “go-to” person to get work accomplished
  • Experience working with tight tolerances

If interested. Please send over a qualified resume. 



  • What types of CNC machine’s did you work with there?
    • Lathes
  • What were the brand/names of these CNC machines?
    • Mori Seiki, Okuma, Doosan, Daewoo
  • What type of material were you working with?
    • Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Toughmet, Stainless Steel
  • How many axis’s were these CNC machines?
    • 2-7 Axis CNC turning
  • How many of these machines were you responsible for while on the clock?
    • 3-4
  • Did you perform your own set ups? If so, walk me through what a normal set up looked like!
    • Yes. Adjust & check out programming and tools
  • How many set up’s did you have to perform per shift?
    • Depends on the SU
  • Did you change out your own tooling? Was it live tooling or stationary? Did you have to make your own tooling?
    • Yes – change out own tooling.
    • No – you don’t have to make your own tooling.
  • What tolerances did you have to work with on these machines?
    • +/- .0005
  • Did you have to do any programming or edits?
    • Yes
  • Were you responsible for 100% inspection of your finished material? What type of gauges did you use?
    • Yes. CMM, caliper, micrometer, bore gage, groove gage, thread plug gage, flatness gages, QM height gage, std. height gage. This position should/will become a certified 1st piece inspector
  • Did you fabricate your own parts? If so, what types of fabrication did you have to perform?
    • No