Why choose LAUNCH?


More and more people who are seeking jobs  or looking to fill positions in the aviation maintenance, repair and manufacturing industry—as well as those involved with ground transportation maintenance—are turning to LAUNCH. What sets us apart?

  • LEADING: We continually develop new and better ways to serve our contractors and clients in order to maintain our national reputation as the go-to resource for dependable, innovative and flexible workforce solutions.
  • PARTNERING: We support teams and clients in over 200 locations worldwide by fully preparing contractors to succeed in each job and acting promptly and thoroughly to ensure all client needs are met.
  • CARING: We go above and beyond to establish long-term relationships, build rapport with everyone we serve and provide support in a mutual quest for success.


  1. The most lucrative jobs: We work with thriving, respected and successful companies throughout the United States. Look for a job now!
  2. Healthcare in 90 days: Receive ACA-compliant coverage in just 3 months with the option to upgrade your plan.
  3. Ongoing personal attention: LAUNCH recruiters develop personal relationships with our team members. Your recruiter will help you find the best-fitting position and is always available to answer questions before and after you take a job.
  4. Start your assignment hassle-free: You won’t go into a new job blindly with LAUNCH. We provide you all the relevant details. Plus, we help you find lodging and transportation when needed.
  5. Bonuses through our Loyalty Club: You may be eligible to earn cash and other rewards with the industry’s first loyalty program—designed for our team members by our team members.

We became the world’s leading aviation workforce solution by providing technicians, engineers, machinists and other skilled workers access to lucrative jobs with the industry’s leading airlines, MROs, OEMs and service centers.

We expanded our services by acquiring TransTechs, the country’s leading staffing provider of technicians and mechanics for the ground transportation industry. We are also proud to help experienced veterans and transitioning service members find rewarding employment opportunities through our Working Heroes program. Need more reasons to work with LAUNCH? Contact us today.


  1. Strategic long-term partner relationships: We don’t just supply bodies; we find creative ways to help you achieve your business goals. That’s why we strive to develop close ties and lasting relationships with each client.
  2. Access to new and exclusive talent: Clients gain access to candidates through LAUNCH that they won’t reach elsewhere—75% of our contractors reported they seek jobs only with us.
  3. Qualified and ready candidates: LAUNCH excels at execution. We focus our database on identifying the candidates with optimal relevance, quality and readiness. Our multi-step process ensures they arrive on site fully prepared and on time.
  4. Nimble and innovative: Staffing needs can be unpredictable. How many people do you need next month? What problem is to be solved next week? Because LAUNCH is a solutions-based company, we react quickly and think outside the box to help our clients fulfill specific and unique needs.
  5. Unsurpassed compliance and safety: Our dedicated, in-house team ensures our contract workers are fully compliant (FAA, DOT, eVerify, etc.) to your specifications. We’re also committed to maintaining an industry-leading safety program that helps deliver protection for companies and contractors.

Learn more about the workforce solutions we offer airlines, MROs, OEMs, service centers and ground transportation providers. If you’re seeking a partner dedicated to helping you succeed, contact LAUNCH today.