LAUNCH Loyalty Program

You work hard. You put in long hours. We see that. That’s why we reward LAUNCH aviation technicians with membership in the LAUNCH Loyalty Club. The Club provides an easy way to earn extra bonuses and rewards beyond your regular pay.

Better yet, the Loyalty Club was not only designed for our team members, it was created by our team members! We’ve got your best interests in mind.

The greater the hours, the greater the rewards

The Loyalty Club program provides extra incentives for working on projects with LAUNCH for the long term. Whether your current project lasts a few months or a few years, our Loyalty Club gives you added reasons to remain with LAUNCH for your next job… and your next!

The LAUNCH Loyalty Club has three stages, each with greater rewards. Each stage is based on your total hours working for the company, not years.

You’re automatically enrolled

As a LAUNCH aviation technician, you’re already part of the Club! We track every hour you work and can provide you with an up-to-date snapshot of your life-hours whenever you want. We’ll keep you posted along the way as you near your next stage, and you’ll receive your rewards as soon as you reach a new stage.