LAUNCH Working Heroes

Veteran Hiring Initiative

Working Heroes is a nationwide initiative to help experienced veterans and transitioning service members find rewarding employment opportunities with highly regarded LAUNCH customers. We know the important value veterans bring to a tightening aviation maintenance labor market. That’s why we partner with commercial and government MROs and manufacturers who share our deep commitment to military veterans, to provide an environment that helps them reach their full potential.

Why hire veterans?
With an industry wide shortage of aviation maintenance personnel, transitioning veterans are quality workers, have leadership experience, discipline, a proven work ethic, and are excellent team players. Experienced veterans increase your productivity and enable completion of projects on time. They are a source of future maintenance leadership.

Why partner with LAUNCH?
We know the recruiting dynamics of our customers and will customize this initiative to meet your requirements. We have been recognized multiple times as a “military friendly” company and have demonstrated ability to recruit high quality veterans, locally and nationally.

How does the program work?
Experienced veterans have become a valuable asset when augmenting an existing workforce. LAUNCH has built an extensive database of military vets with aviation maintenance experience. We have a dedicated military recruiting team that speaks their language, understands their unique skill sets, and knows best where to place them in civilian jobs.

We understand that every customer is different. That’s why we carefully customize each Working Heroes initiative to meet the specific goals and needs of our customer. We’ll take a listen-first approach and work together to determine how experienced veterans can successfully integrate into your existing workforce.

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15 Available Jobs
Avionics Technician - Vets Avionics Technician Greensboro, North Carolina2018-9948
Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft Mechanic Greensboro, North Carolina2018-10007
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Indianapolis, Indiana2018-9144
Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft Mechanic Indianapolis, Indiana2018-9143
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Indianapolis, Indiana2018-9145
Production Trainee General Labor Portland, Oregon2018-9526
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Rockford, Illinois2018-9338
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2018-9337
Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft Mechanic Rockford, Illinois2018-9336
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Wilmington, Ohio2018-9334
Structures Mechanic Structures Mechanic Wilmington, Ohio2018-9333
Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft Mechanic Wilmington, Ohio2018-9332
Structures Mechanics Structures Mechanic Oklahoma City, Oklahoma2018-9253
Avionics Technician Avionics Technician Oklahoma City, Oklahoma2018-9252
Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft Mechanic Oklahoma City, Oklahoma2018-9251