LAUNCH Opens First Satellite Office Within Aviation Hub

Posted on November 15, 2018

Renowned Industry Expertise. Local Focus.

Oak Brook, IL — LAUNCH Technical Workforce Solutions (“LAUNCH”) announced today the grand opening of its first satellite office in the aviation hub city of Renton, Washington just outside of Seattle, further supporting its mission to be a leader in providing innovative, customer-driven and flexible aviation workforce solutions.

This locally-focused approach exemplifies how LAUNCH goes to the next level to build strategic, long-term partnerships that bring growth and success for all involved. Being entrenched in Renton gives LAUNCH the first-hand knowledge, personal connections and insider perspective that enhances its ability to pin point the most innovative and effective aviation workforce solutions for the local tier suppliers, OEMs, manufacturers and more. The LAUNCH team in the Renton office will not only be directly involved with local clients – collaborating with them in person, seeing up close how and where they work, gaining deeper insight into their specific needs – but also perfectly positioned to play an active role in making strong connections that will bring local aviation companies and qualified candidates together to contribute to the overall success of the community.

The Renton office will be headed up by Paul Sahatdjian, LAUNCH Vice President of the Western Region, who has over 25 years in aviation staffing and extensive industry connections within the Washington area. “Being ingrained in the community and knowing the Renton aviation market inside and out enables our LAUNCH team to be fully invested in finding the right local candidate or fully staffed team for each client’s workforce need,” explains Paul. “Renton’s unique culture thrives on strong community connections, collaboration and camaraderie – and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

LAUNCH CEO, Mike Guagenti adds, “Renton’s tight-knit aviation industry has embraced LAUNCH as a partner. Opening an official office there is our way of showing how much we care about their business and how dedicated we are to helping the community grow and succeed.”