Thank you for your interest in our Aviation Project TEAMS jobs. LAUNCH TEAMS comprises our most elite and skilled technicians and together they work on industry-leading modification and repair projects.

We are exclusively using eLAUNCHNow, our new digital platform and app, for all TEAMS jobs. To apply for the TEAMS job you selected, please download the eLAUNCHNow app and register or login to your profile. Once complete, you will have access to apply to all TEAMS jobs for which you qualify. As one of the top candidates at LAUNCH, we want to make sure you’re registered in eLAUNCHNow and getting access to our premium TEAMS jobs first!

eLAUNCHNow is the first-ever app and online platform developed specifically for aviation contract mechanics.

eLAUNCHNow allows you to create a complete digital profile for all your experience, licenses, and skillsets to share directly with employers.

Download the eLAUNCHNow app today!



You’ll get instant access to all the jobs you’re qualified for that match your specifications. No more waiting on a recruiter to submit your resume, or endless job searches and applications!


With firsthand access to the jobs posted by our clients, you’ll know all the details about your next contract before you apply and accept an offer.


You get to decide when and with whom you work, giving you total control to see all the available jobs for which you qualify.

To get started:

  1. Download the eLAUNCHNow app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Current or previous LAUNCH TEAMS technician? We’ve already started your profile on the eLAUNCHNow platform using the email address you previously provided to your LAUNCH recruiter. Click the “Login” button on the app (or you can access the online platform at elaunchnow.com if you don’t want the app) and then use the following:
    If you’ve never tried logging in before, use the default pw: Sn2023@# upon logging in the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.
    If you have logged in previously, then use the password you first created.
    If you do not remember your password, or it has been a while since you have logged in, please click the LOGIN button and follow the “Request a new password” option.
  1. Once you update your login, you can verify the information already added to your profile, especially under the ‘Self ID’ tab. You can upload and detail any additional documents, licenses, work experience, aircraft types, and skillsets, ensuring your profile provides complete information to those hiring.
  2. Profile Activation – once complete, our team will review and validate the information in your profile, activating it once approved.
  3. Start Reviewing offers – once activated, you can review all open jobs for which you qualify and apply directly to those jobs